Empty Nest Thrift Store

The Best Deal in Town

Providing affordable clothing, furniture, and household items to military members and their families can make a big difference financially for many. With the nearest Walmart 27 miles from base, and the nearest Target 64 miles from base, shopping options are limited in the remote high desert. The high cost of gas in California means travel expenses can become prohibitive to shopping for a family's basic needs. The Thrift Store's accessibility on the Twentynine Palms installation makes shopping convenient and encourages sound financial decisions and stronger families down the road.

JT's Uniform Shop

The Pelican Shop Thrift Store also houses JT's Uniform Shop which contains serviceable uniform items. Active Duty Military can browse our Uniform Shop anytime for cammies, belts, boots, and more. They may select up to 5 items per month, free of charge. 

Thrift Shop Overview

Active Duty and Civilian aboard MCAGCC

Family Service Center

Building 693 Del Valle Drive

*Right side of building with red gate or enter inside of building from the courtyard.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Friday 10:00-2:00

We accept gently used and in good shape clothing, linen, household goods, and electronics.

We cannot accept larger furniture, automotive parts, hazardous materials, undergarments, car seats or cribs.