Operation Camp

Building Connections that Strengthen Futures

Great summer camp experiences build leadership, self-confidence, and independence. Nowhere are these traits more important than in the life of a military child.

Camps and camping opportunities continue to be one of Armed Services YMCA’s most popular programs. This fun and educational program encourages healthy living and recreation, fosters social connections, and helps children strengthen their confidence.

Program Overview

We partner with local YMCA’s to send military children to summer camp alongside civilian children from the local area in order to provide military kids with an opportunity to make meaningful connections. For military children, who may face moving to a new city, state, and school every two to three years, these friendships, support networks, and memories last a lifetime.

Operation Camp focuses on:

  • Building confidence and enhancing self-image
  • Improving social skills that reflect age-appropriate behavior
  • Teaching conflict resolution and the healthy management and expression of anger
  • Increasing bonds with family and friends
  • Equipping military children and families with tools and resources to cope with the challenges of military life

2024 Camp dates are:

  • June 23-29, 2024
"Thank you! For everything! My son had such an amazing time - appreciate all of you. This is such an important opportunity for these children, and my youngest can't wait to go in a couple years." L. Jung, Parent of Camper
"The Marines that were with my 3 kids were a part of nearly every story they have told. They were far more than just counselors/watchers they were part of the group! Thank you to everyone. Ya'll are greatly appreciated." E. Inman, Parent of Camper