Emergency Assistance

Hope, when Hope Seems Lost

When a loved one is seriously ill or injured one of the most difficult things for a spouse, parent, or child is realizing that their loved one’s well-being is out of their hands. When a family feels helpless the only peace of mind they can get is doing the one thing they can do – being by their loved one’s side as much as possible. The Emergency Assistance Program makes that possible by assisting with the financial and logistical details of long hospital stays far from home so families can focus on healing for their loved ones.

Program Overview

On a case-by-case basis, Emergency Assistance can provide the following services as needed:

  • Emergency travel for service members or their families for medical or funerary reasons, or for an unusual family crisis
  • Access to clothing, household items, and furnishings through our Thrift Shop
  • Access to food and personal care items through our Food Pantry
  • Other support options as necessary to provide temporary relief during crisis


What this program is not:

  • A long-term support program
  • A substitute for applicable channels of support through the DoD or primary aid organizations
  • Direct financial aid that “cuts a check” to the service member

Active Duty military E5 and below.

Applications are submitted through Chain of Command or Unit Deployment Readiness Coordinator/Uniform Readiness Coordinator.  Contact your DRC/URC to get started on an application.